Month: August 2017

28 Aug 2017 - By allthatcrochet@gmail.com

Crochet “AD” kicking in

Do you know that moment when you have a million crochet project ideas bouncing around in your head and you just can’t settle on one?  That is Crochet Attention Deficit(AD). That has been my life for the past week.  I have stopped and started

17 Aug 2017 - By allthatcrochet@gmail.com

Building Up Inventory – Letter Keychains

  As I prepare for my first craft fair, the only thing on my mind is “INVENTORY “. The craft show is in late October, in wonderful autumn weather.  This is classic crochet weather. When I create items, my overall goal is to educate

5 Aug 2017 - By allthatcrochet@gmail.com

My Journey into Craft Fair World

As I try to build up my brand and business, I have decided to enter the world of craft fairs.  Craft fairs/shows are tricky to navigate.  You must first find out about the various fairs/shows.  Now this is a where I had a dickens

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