6 Sep 2018 - By allthatcrochet@gmail.com

Baby cute!

I usually don’t make baby items. I can’t get the sizing correct for some reason. The size is either too small or too small even when I am following the pattern. It does not help that I have no access to any babies of any size to test or try on pieces.

Then I get a request from a potential client. I try never to turn away new business because 1 order can turn into 2 as well as referral business. However the request was in the form of a picture. This is not my picture. It a copy of someone’s pic from pinterest.


Ugh…baby gear! Princess baby gear with booties no less. My issue with making baby items is that I can never get the sizing correct. As well as I don’t have models for testing samples.

However, I am one never to turn down a challenge, so my lovelies the search was on. The client requested all pink with gold trim and gems on the tiara.

Ravelry to the rescue!

Free- for diaper cover https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/baby-sport-diaper-cover

Paid -for tiara https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/newborn-princess-tiara-crown

Paid – for booties https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/537-prince-hatbooties-and-diaper-cover-set

Here is the final result.

Pink & gold tiara set
Pink & pearl tiara

I had a beautiful lightweight (DK) pink mill end yarn that I pick up at Joann’s years ago. You know the life of a yarn addict- see pretty yarn, buy pretty yarn, have no clue what you are going to make with that pretty yarn.

For the edging, Lionbrand Heartland in Bryce Canyon.

And did you see those gorgeous pearls in the tiara? Picked those up at Joann’s in the strung bead section and used my 50% off coupon… SCORE!

Challenge accepted and won. The client loved it and now I don’t hate doing baby items so much.