10 Oct 2017 - By allthatcrochet@gmail.com

My 1st official craft show is almost here!


I am so excited, nervous, anxious, stressed, scared, and trying not to overwhelm myself.  One of my goals with this craft show is to get my brand out and recognized.  I love creating crochet items and sharing them with people.  However, if no one knows I am here I can’t share my love with them.  Simple right.

Another goal is to SELL.  I have decided to sell small items that are $25 or less.  To achieve this, I will sell keychains – $2, coin purses – $5-$10, hats -$20, fingerless gloves – $15.  I am also going to display bigger, higher priced items to let people see the potential of other things to purchase from my website.

Given that I want to make a profit, I am trying not to spend a lot in display items and accessories.  I am making all my own price/care tags, Cup Cozy Template(click here to get the template) and even borrowing the tables. I did purchase a 10 x 10 tent (on sale of course), but I looked at that expense as a need and will be utilized often.

To prepare I did a demo setup in my backyard and took a picture to remember the layout.  Doing this gave me the opportunity to tweak placement before the event.  It also helped me to focus on products for my target audience.

I am using some creative displays to showcase my items.

  • Blankets I have made as tablecloths
  • Crocheted baskets to hold small items
  • Hangers (from Dollar Tree) to display scarves and hanging them from the tent
  • Ornamental table fixtures (purchased from Goodwill)
  • Wig stands to display hats (see affiliate amazon the link below)

  • Wicker baskets from my own home decor
  • Purchased a head/shoulder wig stand from a local beauty supply store ($6)

I am very excited and will definitely keep you updated on the progress.