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28 Aug 2017 - By allthatcrochet@gmail.com

Crochet “AD” kicking in

Do you know that moment when you have a million crochet project ideas bouncing around in your head and you just can’t settle on one?  That is Crochet Attention Deficit(AD). That has been my life for the past week.  I have stopped and started

29 Jun 2017 - By allthatcrochet@gmail.com

The Flower Pen Cozy

Flower Pen Cozy One of my favorite things to do is to find new creative uses for existing patterns.  The Flower Pen is an example of this.  The Flower pen can make a boring day at the office unique and a great way to

22 Jun 2017 - By allthatcrochet@gmail.com

Welcome to All That Crochet

Hello everyone.  I would like to introduce myself to you and thank you for supporting my blog site. I know what you maybe thinking, “Oh No, not another crochet blog!”  Hopefully this will be different and helpful for experienced and novice crocheters. My goal with


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