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The Flower Pen Cozy

Flower Pen Cozy

One of my favorite things to do is to find new creative uses for existing patterns.  The Flower Pen is an example of this.  The Flower pen can make a boring day at the office unique and a great way to use up scrap yarn.  I often give these pens as gifts for teachers, my favorite receptionists, and restaurants/shops that I frequent.

I have a favorite flower pattern that is my go to for a 3-D flower.  It is the Crochet Flower Rose Bouquet by Naztazia.  Naztazia has wonderful designs with YouTube video tutorials.  Check out her pattern here. http://naztazia.com/patterns/crochet/motifs/flowers/crochet-flower-flowers-rose-roses-bouquet.html

Rose Bouquet by Naztazia

Follow the instructions for the flower in any worsted weight yarn of your choice.  I prefer yarns with a little sheen, like Deborah Norville Everyday or Caron Simply Soft for the flower.  I modified the pattern to achieve a smaller flower by using a size G (4.00 mm) hook so that the flower is compact and has a better visual appeal on the pen shaft.

The pen shaft/stem can be any worsted weight yarn.  I like a sturdy yarn like Red Heart Super Saver.  The pen shaft is designed for any standard ball point pen.  The worsted weight yarn makes for a comfortable pen grip, perfect for writers.

After you have made your flower by Naztazia using a size G (4.00 mm) hook.  Leave a long tail for sewing into the pen shaft.  Follow the instructions below for the pen shaft and assembly.

Pen Shaft instructions

Stitches used

FHDC – The Moogly Blog has a wonderful tutorial for doing the Foundation Half Double Crochet stitch.  Find the instructions here: http://www.mooglyblog.com/foundation-half-double-crochet 

HDC – Yarn over, insert hook in the center of next chain, yarn over, draw yarn through stitch, yarn over, draw yarn through 3 loops on hook. Repeat across to end of foundation chain. To begin the second row, turn your work. Chain two for the turning chain.  (half double stitch made)

SC –  Insert hook from front to back under the top 2 loops of the first single crochet in the row below, yarn over, draw yarn through stitch, yarn over, draw yarn through 2 loops on hook (first single crochet complete).

Sl St – Yarn over, draw yarn through chain and the loop on your hook in one motion (slip stitch made)

Beginning chain stitch is not counted as a stitch.

Row 1:  Make 20 FHDC

Pen Shaft Row 1

Row 2:  Chain 1 turn, HDC into each stitch (20 sts.)

Pen Shaft Row 2

Row 3:  Chain 1 turn, HDC into each stitch (20 sts.)

Pen Shaft Row 3

Row 4: Chain 1 turn, sc into each stitch (20 sts.)

Pen Shaft Row 4

Assembly of Flower Pen

Fold work length-wise, slip stitch into stitch on both sides down. Weave in tails, leaving one end open to insert the pen.

Fold and slip stitch

I like to insert the pen to make it sturdy while sewing on flower.

Start by sewing one end of the flower (the end with the long tail) into the pen shaft.  Coil the remaining flower length around the pen shaft.  Weave tail to secure the flower together.

Once the flower is coiled the way you like, fasten off.

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